Huizhou Bolande Technology Co., Ltd.

Huizhou Bolander Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2016, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of various sensors and control components.

The company mainly focuses on the measurement and control of displacement, pressure, flow and weight of electric pressure cooker and micro piezoelectric rice cooker, as well as the control components driven by electromagnetism; we have very professional solutions in terms of air pressure sensor and water flow sensor, and have obtained invention patents of related products, which are highly recognized by customers and highly respected by peers in the industry Heavy. The company has always been market-oriented, to solve customer needs for the goal of continuous innovation of products, in line with the concept of professional value creation, integrity to build the future……

Company certificate

The company has 14 utility model patents and 9 new product invention patents, among which steam pressure sensor and high temperature displacement sensor are the first in the industry.
The company has been adhering to the business philosophy of integrity, win-win, science and technology, innovation to serve customers and create high-quality products!

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No. 12 Dahuxi Section of Huizhou Avenue, Huizhou City



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Contact number: 0752-2308628

No.1 Road, Xinhu Industrial Zone, Ma'an, Huizhou City


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